Cardinals Take Solice In The Fact That They’re Still Not The Cubs

The Cubs won today by a final score of 5-0. Short of that, they really don’t have a lot going on.

“It was a good win” said Cubs’ manager Lou Piniella, “We were pretty happy that when we put our ace pitcher that hasn’t lost a single game on the mound against a player that has never actually made a major league start, that our guy came away with a win. With one of the highest payrolls in Major League Baseball, we expect to come out and be competitive against every team that has a starter who’s only playing because of 2 injuries to their everyday starting rotation. ”

The Cubs scored 3 runs off of starter Adam Ottovino who recorded a quality start in his first start of his major league career. Carlos Silva is off to a 7-0 start after the Cubs wisely traded for him with a player who openly hated the team and who they probably would have traded for $7 and tickets to the World Series for the team, you know, so they could actually see one.

“We know we can perform at that high level when our offense is on like that,” said Mike Fontenot, “We know we can always be competitive when a player gets back to back triples off of a first time pitcher. And when we get a run walked in? Well, that’s when we know we’re gonna get at least a run or two.”

Tony LaRussa was disappointed with his team’s performance, even though the Cardinal’s are still a good 4 games ahead of the Cubs in the NL Central. “We should really beat a team that’s struggling like this,” LaRussa said “I mean, they’re the Cubs for God’s sake, I know you can’t win em all, but with the Cubs you should really be able to. I guess we kinda deserve this after getting swept by the Houston Astros, I mean, what are they, like 34 games out of first place? And surprise, surprise, the Reds are playing them this week so I guess we won’t be gaining any ground right now. Oh well, I guess we should focus on getting to the post-season, unlike the Cubs.”

The Cardinals were suppressed today when shortstop Starlin Casto fielded a routine line drive by Albert Pujols while making an unnecessarily difficult looking fielding play and the second base umpire made a spectacular obstruction of Skip Schumaker when he had a potential double play ball. The umpire followed that up by making a fabulous botched call when he called over-payed superstar Alfonso Soriano safe after being picked off by Molina.

The loss comes a day after the Cardinals scored five runs (As many as the Cubs scored in the entire game today) in the first inning  yesterday before Chicago recorded an out. The Cardinals are looking to reclaim the World Series title after a 5 year drought.

The Cubs are looking to win their first World Series in 102 years.

“The bottom line is, we have fans that love us, players that want to be here, and a team that an entire city rallies around 365 days a year,” said first baseman Albert Pujols, “And at the end of the day, they have a team that’s playing for the Stanly Cup, a World Series title that’s eluded them since before WW1, and decent pizza. I think I’d take playing for the Cardinals any day.”


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