Washington Nationals Offer to Trade Entire 40-Man Roster, Farm System and Ballpark for Albert Pujols


The Washingotn Nationals spoke with Cardinals management about trading their entire Major League Baseball Team after assuring management that they were a Major League Baseball Team

The Washington Nationals made it clear that they are looking for a franchise player this off-season after a disappointing 58-103 finish. The Nationals seem to be making a serious effort at an improved record in 2010 as they recently approached St. Louis GM John Mozeliak to trade for 8-time all-star, Albert Pujols.

When Nationals GM Mike Rizzo entered into trade negotiations with Mozeliak during meetings this November about attaining the 2-time NL MVP, there seemed to be little chance at striking a serious deal. “Signing Albert Pujols to a long-term contract to stay in St. Louis is one of our top priorities this off-season,” said Cards GM Mozeliak, “Any talks of trading him at this point seem entirely out of the question.”

Nationals GM Rizzo started by offering the entire Washington infield for Pujols. When that was largley laughed off, Rizzo upped the deal by including the rest of the Nationals’ 40-Man active roster. “We felt that was a pretty fair deal,” said Rizzo, “I mean that includes Ryan Zimmerman and he just won another gold glove this year. Plus we have…well…definately some other guys on there that are decent.”

Noting the Cardinal’s recently depleted farm system after trades for Mark Derosa and Matt Holliday, Rizzo eventually threw in the entire Washington National’s farm system, including all players in their AAA New Orleans club, AA Harrisburg, both single A clubs, their short A team in Vermont and both Rookie teams. “We know that would leave us short handed in the future,” noted Rizzo, “but we feel Albert Pujols is an amazing player and one that we can not only build a franchise around, but can actually be a complete franchise by himself.”

In a final, last ditch effort to acquire Pujols, Rizzo offered Nationals Stadium with the previous deal, but assured Mozeliak that was his final offer. “Yeah, that was a tough package to turn down. I mean, we’d essentially have two major league baseball franchises, but this is Albert Pujols we’re talking about and…well it’s the Washington Nationals so I’m not really sure we would really benefit from having the players, but the stadium would have definitely been a nice practice facility,” said Mozeliak

Pujols was relieved when he discovered that trade talks with the Nationals had largely fallen through. “I have made it very clear that I love this city and would like to stay here,” Pujols said. “As much as I would have enjoyed being the Washington Nationals, I think it’s best I stay here where my family is comfortable, my charities are thriving, and I actually have a team to play on.”

Reportedly John Mozeliak is  entertaining the proposition to trade pitcher Kyle Lohse for Washington’s  starting rotation and bullpen.



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